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My Passion

Optimal health and wellness through chiropractic famliy (Ohana) care.
Palmer Method

Correct skull position – pain relief

Pain – Everywhere?

(C-1 Vertebrae Misalignment).. What do headaches, muscle pain, depression, fatigue. dizziness, ringing in the ear, allergies, and high blood pressure have in common?

MD vs DC

DC degree requires 419 addition hours of education

Range of Motion Improvement

Click on this medical study – Improvement after chiropractic care in cervicocephalic kinesthetic sensibility and subjective pain intensity in patients with nontraumatic chronic neck pain.

Why Us

Always helping you be the best you can be!
Feel Great

"The best doctor gives the least medicines" - Benjamin Franklin

  • Palmer Method by Dr. Hal

    29 years of helping my friends live better

  • Chiropractors are different
  • Get your head on straight
  • Sports and accident specialist

    "Spinal Trauma" is a major source of pain. Specializing in range of motion improvement.

Dr Chris Halamandaris, DC

Since 1986, I have been using the best Chiropractic methods to achieve Optimal Wellness to my client family.
While serving the local beach community and patients traveling as far as 70 miles, I have have had the honor of helping these many Ohana (family) friends feel better.
For 30 years. I have maintain an Ohana (family) friendly approach in my service.
My training in Diversified | Gonstead | Atlas Orthogonal (Palmer Package) has provided a wide range of techniques to help many find a path to healing.
Please visit me to see if I can help you too!
Thank You,
Dr. Hal